Gain the clarity you need to unlock your creative potential.

Without clarity, you'll not focus on the right things, you'll easily be distracted and eventually, you'll be frustrated

Finally Discover What has Been Stopping You

Everyone is creative. However, you need to unlock the hidden potential on the inside of you to see the power of your creativity.

This is for you if

You want to be creative

You desire to be creative.  You notice all the creative things other people make and wish you could do the same. Yet, you’re not sure where to start. 

Seasoned Creative

You've  always been creative  - making stuff - drawing, coloring, sewing.. You used to experience the joy of creating.  However, now you find yourself not creating as much as you’d like.

Struggling Creative

it's hard for you to decide. You struggle with whether your creativity is worth it or not.  You wonder if doing what you do adds any value to the world. Whether to take it to the next level or not

Rid Yourself of the Feeling That Your Creative Skills Are Not Good Enough

Clarity gives you the confidence to move forward. It propels you in the right direction, and helps you gain momentum.

Stop falling prey to the Distractions around  you and Expectations of Others 

Without clarity you can't make significant progress. You'll go around in circles, wasting your time and energy and not get the results you want.

In this course  - Clarity to Create, you'll

Uncover Your Personal Creative Blocks

What are the unique things which stop you or are likely to stop you from uncovering your fullest creative potential? Discover them and lear strategies for overcoming them..

Get Clear on Why You Create

Get clear on why it's important for you as an individual to create and what it means to your personal life. Your reasons are unique to you and discovering them will elevate the value you assign to your creativity.

Come Up with Creative Ideas

Techniques are not enough. Get a jumpstart with a bunch of truly creative ideas for you to explore and create.

Craft a plan to Implement Your Ideas

Don't know how to start your ideas? Get a plan for how you can get started.

Student Stories

Jo-Anne - Beamsville, Canada

I’ve always been a maker, but I’d lost my excitement. Initially, I thought I wouldn't learn much from this class because I'd already read a lot about personal growth. However, this class brought out something that’s deep inside of me. Watch Jo say it in her own voice...

Melanie - Dallas, Texas

I’d taken many classes and started lots of projects, I didn’t finish. I enjoyed this class. It helped me identify some of my road blocks and now I can move beyond them.  I think Clara has a gift for reaching people. Watch Melanie say it in her own words…

BarbaraN. Wisconsin, USA

I struggled with thinking my creativity is not valuable.  I was afraid I wasn’t good enough. This course helped me refocus. I loved the short lesson videos. I appreciated that  when I have just a little bit of time.  Watch Barb say it in her own words…

If you do the work, you'll see the results ...

Using a journal, with guided prompts and exercises, and encouragement from your instructor, you'll rediscover your 6 year-old truly creative self again.

You’ll learn ways to overcome your creative blocks, come up with creative ideas, and a plan to execute your ideas.

Learn About Your Instructor

There are probably three things which greatly contribute to your success in any learning process: your own hard work, the subject matter, and the instructor.  

An instructor who believes in you, inspires and pushes you to do your best work will help you realize your potential. Get to know your instructor for The Clarity to Create.

"Clara has a gift to reach people. It comes from her heart"

- Melanie Dossey

A Student's  Experience

Carol shares her thoughts  about the instructor.

Clara Nartey

Course Instructor

Clara Nartey is an artist, an author, and a creativity coach who is passionate about building confidence in girls and women by helping them awaken their inner creativity.

Clara is known for her heart-centered teaching and her ability to unlock people’s undiscovered creative potential which leaves her clients with confidence. She takes the fear out of being creative through her signature system which transforms her clients from self-doubters to avid creators.

Her mission is to change your story from "I'm not creative enough" to "I'm creative".

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